Security Code?
The card security code is a unique three or four-digit number printed on your debit/credit card. This number is not embossed on the card and hence not printed on receipts - making it difficult for anyone other than the genuine cardholder, to know it. Some card issuers refer to this number as the 'Card Security Code' others as the 'personal security code' and others as 'Card Verification Value'.

Some cards, many UK-issued cards for example, have a three-digit number printed at the top of the signature strip on the reverse of the card.

Others, American Express cards for example, have a four-digit number printed on the front of the card, above the account number. 

Billing Address?
Please enter the address to which your card statement is currently sent. It is essential that you keep your Card Issuer informed of any changes of address. Your billing address must match the address held by your Card Issuer exactly. If it does not, the retailer may defer acceptance of your transaction and seek further proof of your address or decline your purchase altogether.

Fraud Prevention
WorldPay, in conjunction with your card-issuer, ask for security code and address information in order to protect cardholders against misuse of their card.

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